Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A baby is not just a cute accessory.

It's comical how upsetting the news of Snooki's pregnancy made me. Not that I don't think she will be a fit mother. I don't know her personally, nor do I really care to watch Jersey Shore, but I'm sure like most reality tv shows its not as "real" as it may seem.
What made me most upset was how society today sees children as accessories. Again, not that Snooki herself is seeing her pregnancy in this way, however this is how media and society is viewing it. "Will she give up the Jersey Shore for good?" "No more wild nights at Karma for Snooks." "Snooki's giving up the drinks and having a little meatball of her own." Funny how every media outlet is talking about how sad it'll be for her to give up the Jersey Shore and partying. Well, maybe not so much as funny, but sad how that's the focal point society is going with on this story.
I also have a strong strong distaste for those teen mom shows. I have never watched one and never will. I think that teenage pregnancy is not something that our society should be praising and celebrating. While I know a few ladies who were teenagers when they had their babies and are excellent, supportive and amazing mothers, I also know most of them will say it was far from easy. And that they didn't have MTV knocking on their door when their little one arrived. Girls now a days are becoming younger and younger mothers. Yes children are fabulous. Yes the feeling of being a mother is the most rewarding, fulfilling thing in the world. Yes after I had my son my heart feels like it could burst with all of the love I feel everyday. But no, not everyday is easy. No, I do not have the same relationship with my husband I did before Vedder was born. No, my heart isn't the only thing that bursts. Sometimes it's my eyes full of tears because I feel so overwhelmed I can't speak and just cry. These are things young women don't think about before they get knocked up. With that said, I know a few precious little ones who came from "oopsies" who are probably among the most loved children in the world. But society today takes parenthood as the new fad. The thing to do. Everyone is getting pregnant. You should to! I'm sorry to break the news to you girls.. A baby is not a cute accessory.
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