Wednesday, February 1, 2012

look back on the first six months

Today my baby boy is six months old. SIX MONTHS OLD!! A few days ago my husband and I sat and watched videos from when Vedder was first born. While our 20lb linebacker-in-training slept in the other room, Michael and I couldn't begin to remember how he looked coming into our lives only a half year ago. So much has changed in our lives in those few months.

This blog post is more for me, to reflect on where the HELL the time has gone and how my little Lang went from a dream come true in my tummy to a little man sitting up on his own with two teeth!!

JULY 31, 2011
Michael and I packed a bag and took the N train to the 6 train to Mount Sinai Manhattan. I was admitted at 10 p.m. and in a last stitch effort to have a natural pregnancy I blasted music on my lullabelly and danced around the hospital halls.

AUGUST 1, 2011
I was induced around 1 a.m. Long story short, after being in labor for 18 hours, the doctors informed me the baby was stuck and I would be brought into the OR for surgery. At 7:48 p.m. Vedder Ron Lang was born and our lives changed forever.
AUGUST 5, 2011
After being in the hospital for a little over four days, it was time for Michael and I to head home plus one.

And while I was more than thrilled to finally get my Little Lang home to see everything we have prepared for him over the past few months, NO ONE could have prepared me for what it was going to be like. Looking back now on those first few days home alone ((Michael had to head back to work right after I got out of the hospital)) it all seems like such a blur with a lot of "WTF" mixed in.

AUGUST 8, 2011
Vedder's First Pediatric Appointment ((also known as Mama & Daddy's first chance to ask the doctor "What the hell are we doing??")) Of course, Vedder was 100% healthy and growing in the 95 percentile. Way to go little man!!

Vedder turns 1 month!!

Like I said, that first month was a blur, filled with friends and family visiting, the overwhelming reality of overnight feedings equaling never sleeping again, and his first full smiles melting all other aggravations away. At his first month check-up, Vedder weighed 11 lbs 8 oz, and once again growing healthy and strong. By this point I was breastfeeding less and less. Vedder never really latched so I was pumping which became such an emotional and physical struggle. So with every ounce of my being, I had to unwillingly make a decision to stop supplementing and feed him strictly formula. To this day, this decision is still hard for me to deal with.

We went on our first road trip as a family!!

Michael and I have done the 4 1/2 hour drive between NYC and Plymouth, MA many times, probably combined over 30 times back and forth in the past 4 years. However, with a baby it is a TOTALLY different story. The drive was the same. Vedder slept through the whole thing. One thing we did not account for was what a 5 hour nap will do to a baby. We arrived in Plymouth around midnight and when he awoke to have a bottle at that time, he was ready to party!! It ended up taking us 3 days to get him back on schedule. Our stay was only 5 days. By the time we got back to NYC, I think it took all three of us two weeks to get back to normal. ((Thankfully our second road trip went a LOT smoother.))

While in Massachusetts, we had play dates with new friends, met a lot of family, saw the ocean for the first time, and went apple picking.

OCTOBER 4, 2011
Vedder's 2 month appointment!! Our chunk weighed in at 14lbs 1oz!! Around this time he also began teething. Drool, drool, everywhere!!

OCTOBER 18, 2011

After almost three months off, I headed back to work. Because of it being financially cheaper, I have only gone back to work part time. This was a very bittersweet moment. As much as I loved being home with my little one all day, I am not the type of person that can just be a stay-at-home mom. I give those women A LOT of credit! My ADHD wouldn't allow me to be a productive stay-at-home. I found that I was able to appreciate my time home with Michael and Vedder much more when I was away for the day. With that said, I actually RUN home to see them everyday. It's such a great feeling. 

OCTOBER 29-31, 2011
OUR FIRST HALLOWEEN!! I love Halloween. It is my favorite holiday. How can you not love dressing up  with the reward of candy!! For the past few years, of course, I have taken the more "adult" route with a skanky costume and a blurry night with friends ((even 2010, when just two weeks later we found out that a little Lang was baking in my oven)). For Vedder's first Halloween costume we couldn't decide for weeks. Pumpkin? Every baby is a pumpkin. Monkey? Cute, but still common. Then I saw it. The cutest costume and so fitting since I call him my little toots. A skunk! All together we had two great weekends filled with holiday festivals, parties, and of course walking around with trick or treaters! A fabulous first Halloween!!

November 12, 2011

We got our first set of family photos done at Sculpture Park in Queens. It was an absolutely gorgeous day and a very interesting experience trying to get a 2 1/2 month old to sit still for pictures. I am guessing that it will probably just get even more difficult as he gets older. However, we got some amazing candid photos of our little chunk.

NOVEMBER 24-28, 2011

Because Daddy works every Thanksgiving, Vedder and I decided to take a mama & baby trip to Plymouth to see my family for the holiday weekend. It was the first time traveling alone with a baby and I am thrilled to say it went FANTASTIC! We took Amtrak from Penn Station to South Station, Boston. The ride was amazing and the people working on the train were so unbelievably helpful! We had a blast!

This trip was much more relaxing than the last to Massachusetts. I was able to enjoy the beautiful New England fall weather and walk along the waterfront a few times, showing Vedder where mama grew up.

DECEMBER 5, 2011
Miracle on 34th Street. We took Vedder to meet Santa and he loved him!! While there were many children screaming and crying around us, Vedder kept starting at the dancing and singing bears and blinking lights. When it came time to actually head in to meet him, I had prepared myself for a breakdown. Instead we got all smiles and such a rewarding experience. 

DECEMBER 22, 2011
Vedder cuts his first tooth!! Let the fussiness and sleepless nights begin!!

DECEMBER 24-29, 2011
Christmas celebration all around. From Queens to Manhattan to Massachusetts, it was a full few days of celebrating Vedder's first Christmas with family and friends. And while the presents were plentiful, I think Vedder enjoyed the food the most. Christmas Eve was the start to solids and so many fantastic photo-ops!!

DECEMBER 30, 2011
Not-so-Little Lang's 5th month appointment was successful weighing in at 18lbs 10oz!!

JANUARY 1, 2012

JANUARY 12, 2012
More sleepless nights and tears equal the welcoming of tooth #2!!

FEBRUARY 1, 2012
My little baby boy is not so little anymore. This 20lb Chunka is rolling around and becoming the new boss of our apartment. He has a new play area, sleeps in his own room now, and loves playing hide-and-seek. His once little coos are now loud belly laughs and happy screeches. 

Mama and Daddy are beyond in love with our amazing boy and so excited for the next six months!!


  1. Cait this is great. What a wonderful idea to chronicle your amazing new life!!! :-)

  2. cait I love this its so fun reliving vedders first 6 months!!!

  3. I loved this! The picture of the Santaland button on his jacket with his little face behind it is GORGEOUS! The recap was wonderful, and I feel so many of the things you mentioned: scattered, blurred, sleep deprived, overwhelmed, and totally in love. I can't wait til we get our boys together! <3