Thursday, July 10, 2014

Summer Sessions - Part One: TV is OK

Part One: TV is OK

An old friend and fellow mama wrote to me asking if I would post some ideas for summer fun! During the summer, when it's just too damn hot outside and the chill vibes of the summer relax us a bit too much, we let the old reliable "babysitter" get the best of us and throw on the tv all day. 

Now do not get me wrong. TV is completely allowed in our house. Netflix is our best friend. Yesterday alone was one of those days where I watched tv for hours while Vedder played on the iPad. PARENTS: these days will not kill you or make you a bad parent! They will help you! I repeat. PARENTS, TV IS OUR FRIEND. However, if you find that your child had finished the whole second season of OITNB in two days, well your family may have a problem. 

So to help out a friend, and anyone else interested, I will be writing a few blog posts called "Summer Sessions." These posts will include lessons, activities, links to my favorite blogs, etc. for parents to refer to for any summer help.  

The blog I will be shouting out to in this post is I have on both my Facebook and Instagram already RAVED about this blog. She has created amazing printable activity packets to go along with your child's favorite shows and movies! Make indoor movie days guilt free!

Before leaving for disney we spent every night watching a movie, short film, or disney show. We would draw pictures of them and even act out parts. "WOZOWSKI! You didn't file your paperwork!" Then I stumbled on 1plus1plus1 and saw that she did printables for all the movies and shows Vedder loves! I had the printables in file folders in our "art" drawer so if V wanted he could take one out to trace, color, practice matching, do a letter search or a number chart. He LOVES numbers, so the number chart is what he would often pick.  

This website, along with other blogs I have fallen in love with, my favorite "pins," and V's favorite at home activities, are what I will be filling these Summer Session posts with. If you have a favorite at home indoor activity you and your little ones (any and every age!) like to do when it's just too hot, too rainy, or it just feels like a stay inside type day, please email me at! I would love to feature you in a post!! 

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